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Meet The Team!


Emily Avard

Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Hello Everyone! My name is Emily Avard, and I am Texas Alpha Phi’s 2019 Vice President of Membership Recruitment. My role is to plan out and be the lead liaison for all things recruitment. It may seem like a small thing to do, but trust me when I say it is a full time job!

My biggest job is to put on our Chapter’s Formal Recruitment for Fall 2019. With twelve other UPC sororities participating in formal recruitment, it becomes a huge deal. Our recruitment here at the University of Texas is a full six days long filled with amazing conversations, decor, and most importantly memories. We have well over a thousands girls we see going through recruitment every year, so these six days stay VERY full, but honestly we wouldn’t have it any other way!

My favorite part of recruitment, besides getting to play party planner and interior designer of course, is getting to meet all the amazing girls that come through the door! Each one of them brings such a unique and amazing thing to the table, and it is my honor to get to meet and learn from them. They never fail to make me laugh, insanely happy, proud, and even cry-- in the best way possible. The girls are genuine, smart, strong, and they let their true selves shine through. Never in my life will I be able to meet so many people in such a short amount of time, and this is one aspect I treasure most. It is truly a one of a kind experience.

None of this could be possible without my team, and for them I am eternally grateful. They have my back and make sure everything is going as planned. They cherish with me the successful moments, and pick me up when I feel defeated. They have become much more than just my team, but my close friends and family. I seriously not manage what I do with such grace without any of them!

I look forward to meeting everyone, and I cannot wait to welcome you all to the 40 Acres! Hook’Em!


Madison Ailes

Director of Formal Recruitment


Carissa Mallory

Assistant Director of Formal Recruitment

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Sarah Cronin

Director of Target Member Marketing


Alex Huckabee

Assistant to Director of Target Marketing


Olivia Chan

Director of COB


Important Dates:

August 19th: Opening Convocation

August 20th-21st: Open House Rounds

August 22nd-23rd: Philanthropy Rounds

August 24th: Sisterhood Round (6 Houses)

August 25th: Preference Night (2 Houses)

August 26th: BID DAY!!!


Recruitment Recommendation Letters can be mailed to:

Texas Alpha Phi Recruitment

2005 University Avenue

Austin, Texas 78705