Advice With Alpha Phi

With Recruitment just around the corner, we know how overwhelmed you must feel! Our sisters have come together to give you all some wonderful recruitment tips! We hope these tips help you with your experience, and we can’t wait to meet you!! Hook’Em!

Recruitment Tip #1

Do not stress too much about what your hair, makeup, outfit looks like. It’s 100 degrees outside, and you’re running around like crazy!! We’re probably just as hot in the house; just focus on letting your personality shine through!

—Riley Grant PC ‘17

Recruitment Tip #2

Be honest with the girls you are talking to at the houses about how you’re feeling throughout the process, they’ve been through the same thing!

—Erika Hanson PC ‘17

Recruitment Tip #3

Pack snacks in your bag to eat during breaks! Recruitment is a long process and you’ll want to keep up your energy.

—Rachel Horne PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #4

Always come in with confidence and be your true authentic self. Everyone feels nervous at first, but you’ll see right away that it is such a fun time. We can’t wait to meet you!

—Kirsten Hilling PC ‘17

Recruitment Tip #5

Make friends with everyone you meet! I know it’s easy to get caught up in the process and focus your attention on your interactions with the different sororities, but recruitment is such a wonderful and unique opportunity to meet amazing people before school starts! Although UT is a big university, you would be surprised how often you’ll run into girls you met through recruitment! (For example, I remember walking into my UGS class the first day, and right off the bat, I ran into a girl from my recruitment group!) Seeing familiar faces around campus and having friends to reach out to will make your transition into college life and/or Greek life much smoother, guaranteed!

—Sarah Kate Scribner PC ‘17

Recruitment Tip #6

Buy a mini handheld fan to keep in your bag!! I bought one to use just walking from house to house and seriously y’all... with August in Texas... it’s a game changer.

—Elena Dawson PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #7

I think it’s important to wear colors that best reflect your personality and character. It helps me to feel myself and most confident when getting to know so many different people.

—Katherine Cornell PC ‘17

Recruitment Tip #8

Don’t choose a house for your friends or family. Choose what makes YOU feel at home. It’s your next 4 years - not theirs!!

—Katie Mulloy PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #9

Go into the week with an open mind! Just because you know more people in one sorority, it might not make it your perfect fit! Don’t put yourself in a box before you get to experience what each house has to offer!

—Kameron Ong PC ‘17

Recruitment Tip #10

Keep a small towel in your bag! Whether it’s super hot or really rainy it’s so useful to help keep things dry!

—Rachel Sorrells PC ‘16

Recruitment Tip #11

Everything happens for a reason. It’s so cliche, but trust the system! Stay open-minded, stay hopeful, & everything will make sense when you’re running to your forever home on Bid Day.

—Taylor Cofer PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #12

Talk to the girls in your line up groups! Everyone around you is going through the same changes of entering college and wanting to make new friends. These girls could become your sisters, neighbors, classmates, and best friends!

—Erin Griswold PC ‘17

Recruitment Tip #13

Determine what’s the most important aspect of joining a sorority for you (sisterhood, philanthropy, etc) & ask questions about that!!! Everyone is so passionate about their sorority, and they want you see what it’s like at their house!!

—Julia Shovlin PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #14

USE THE BUSES!!! They help out so much. I ran almost two miles, because I did not know there were buses….eeeeek!

—Carly Alford PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #15

Take a picture of your house schedule. This helped me so much! I didn’t worry about losing my paper or having to dig around for it in my bag!

—Taylor Rodriguez PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #16

During the parties, talk about things you are passionate about! Girls want to get to know you, and you stand out that way!

—Hannah Breitschopf PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #17

During later rounds pay attention to how much you like the house you’re at, but also how much you like the other PNMs you’re there with. Those are the girls who could end up being in your pledge class

—Haley Afflack PC ‘16

Recruitment Tip #18

Take notes after every house. It’s easy to forget the small details about the houses so having notes on them makes it easier to make your decision at the end of the night!

—Aleigha Kelley PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #19

Don’t be afraid to ask your Recruitment Guides any questions! They are so passionate about the process and truly want to help. They know exactly what you are going through!

—Jacqueline Petescia PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #20

Wearing your hair in a styled ponytail will help since it’s so hot walking everywhere, and you don’t have to worry about your hair falling flat!!

—Ashley Mendenhall PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #21

Recruitment will be such a positive experience if you try and make every conversation more than surface level! Have fun with it, and even get weird, but be YOU. The house for you will love you for who YOU are.

—Rachel Black PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #22

Bring band-aids and a pair of super comfy shoes (birks or chacos even) because you WILL get blisters from walking to each house!

—Cait O’Neill PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #23

Before you enter each house (especially on sisterhood and pref) look around at all the other PNMs lined up with you. Talk to them, and try to envision yourself in a pledge class with them. The girls lined up with you could be your new sisters! Seeing what other PNMs are at a house will give you lots of insight as to what the actives are like

—Jacque Bergeron PC ‘17

Recruitment Tip #24

Stay calm no matter what! Recruitment can be fast paced and stressful but if you relax and let your personality shine through, you’ll have so much more fun and find the house where your lifelong sisters are!

—Emma Klaflen PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #25

Wear clothes you feel confident and comfortable in! The days are long and tiring, you don’t want to put any more stress on you by wearing something that ends up bothering you!!!

—Payton Marley PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #26

Keep oil pads in your recruitment bag!! It can get super hot going from house to house and those can help you feel your best during a crazy week!

—Ariel Pritchard PC ‘16

Recruitment Tip #27

BE YOURSELF. Being yourself will make sure that you choose the sorority that’s right for you. You want to be in a sorority where you feel comfortable with who you are, not where you feel like you have to change to fit in.

—Morgan Butler PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #28

Get plenty of rest after each day of recruitment! Days are unpredictable and it’s good to have the energy needed to get you through each party!

—Olivia Crimmins PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #29

Pack a jacket and an umbrella!! Texas weather can be CRAZY, and it’s always good to be prepared!

—Catherine Renz PC ‘18

Recruitment Tip #30

Try not to let other’s opinions cloud your experience! I didn’t tell anyone what houses I had, and I really feel that it helped me. It was also a nice surprise to run home and see my friends, not knowing we had the same house!!!

—Grace Burrus PC ‘18